Why Mark

The City needs a skilled tactician who understands people as well as business, law and real estate. The intersection
of the public and companies and workers. They all need to be brought together. We truly need someone who is pragmatic at City Hall.

In fact – I lay down a simple challenge to the Mayor – name one compelling reason why you deserve to be reelected? The Mayor is asking for a “Mulligan” for the last four (4) years. No passes allowed.

The City needs someone who understands business and has a vision for the future of Minneapolis.  Put more accurately someone who has a clear vision on how we can best get back to being one of the leading progressive cities in America. We just need a Chief Executive who understands the challenges and the economic situation this City faces.  A leader who can execute a budget and a vision and marketing plan. 

A plan to move Minneapolis into the future.  A future that positions Minneapolis as a “thought leader” on both race and equity and a City fueled by an engine of diverse economic growth.  We need public/private partnerships and a Public Safety program based on one word “Accountability.” 

We need to make Minneapolis a safe, vital, shining and thriving metropolis once again.

As I continually tell people “Don’t bet against the City of Minneapolis . . . because you will come up on the losing end of that wager.”

  • The City needs someone who is all business.  I am not here to be a politician.  I will leave that to the City Council – they do politics very well.
  • The City needs someone who understands business negotiations, contracts and how to properly negotiate a settlement.
  • The Chief Executive of the City is going to have significant financial challenges moving forward – the City needs someone comfortable working through a financial spreadsheet.
  • Common sense could go very far in the City of Minneapolis – there currently seems to be a large deficit of it at City Hall.
  • Minneapolis needs a “Marketer in Chief” who can help market and promote our City back to health.

The best thing about being a real estate developer is that you actually create jobs. When we take on a development project we are in a concrete way creating new jobs that were not in existence. Unlike politicians who take credit all the time for job creation – I have been able to actually create jobs. Jobs where I can point to an actual salary created.  Let me give you the example of the Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown. Other developers concluded that the land parcel was just too small to develop anythings substantial. However, we looked at the land from a different perspective. At my company Global One Commercial we came to the conclusion that yes we could wedge a hotel onto this very tiny parcel of land. Since the land was located directly kitty corner to the Minneapolis Convention Center it was the ideal site for a new hotel.

This single act of looking at what all the other “experts” had concluded was an unusable parcel of land led to a commercial real estate project that injected millions of dollars into the Minneapolis economy and created a number of permanent well paying jobs. We employed hundreds of people during the construction phase of the hotel. Once the hotel was completed – we permanently hired scores of people to work every day operating and managing the hotel. It has been twelve (12) years since we first opened the doors and we are still lucky enough to employ some of the original members of our opening team. We were able to create good paying stable and permanent jobs. We created these jobs on an “unbuildable” parcel of land. We built a business that now provides a livelihood for scores of people and an enterprise that pumps significant tax dollars into the local economy. From nothing we created a positive good. A development that was highly favorable for the City of Minneapolis. This is the Number One reason I love working in real estate development.

If you look closely – under all the smoke and mirrors – very few politicians truly deliver on the job creation front but they take credit for this ”supposed job creation” every day in the newspaper. This is what truly sets me apart from the other candidates for Mayor.