Bringing Back Public Confidence in Minneapolis.

The current Mayor of Minneapolis has ZERO sense of urgency in bringing back public confidence in the City of Minneapolis. There is still a high percentage of the public in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that NO LONGER feel safe in downtown Minneapolis. The Mayor is doing nothing to bring back public confidence in the … Continued

Globus is a BRIDGE BUILDER With Plans For Minneapolis.

I am a bridge builder with plans and solutions to solve the problems that face Minneapolis. EVERYONE else in the race is just a politician. I am a business builder . . . I am a bridge builder . . . and I am real. My candidacy for Minneapolis is real. My candidacy for Minneapolis … Continued

The Experiment With Defunding The Police. ABJECT FAILURE.

Our grand experiment with defunding the police has FAILED. It has fizzled. In the last 15 months we have defunded the Police in Minneapolis. Frankly the Minneapolis City Council did not defund the police. Mayor Jacob did not defund the police. Some grand policy pronouncement or movement did not defund the police. The defunding of … Continued

Globus is the HOUSING Candidate.

There is one person who is the HOUSING candidate in the race for Minneapolis Mayor. That person is Mark Globus. Quality and affordable housing is one of the main issues that has plagued Minneapolis for the last twenty (20) years but none of our city leaders have been able to solve the problem? So why … Continued

Mark Globus EQUALS Eric Adams (NYC).

If there is one person in this Mayoral race who is New York City’s Eric Adams (D-NY) – the moderate Democrat who swept the NYC primary – it is me. I am the strongest challenger in this race for Minneapolis Mayor. How is it possible that a medium sized white Jewish kid from Minneapolis can … Continued

Press Release
Globus Announces for Mayor

Minneapolis attorney and business leader Mark Globus announced his candidacy today for Minneapolis Mayor with the uncharacteristically blunt and short statement “Jacob Frey needs to be benched.”