I know this City of Minneapolis can regain its “Mojo!” Frankly I think we simply forgot who we are as a people and who we are as a city? Hello . . . we are one of the most beautiful and progressive and uplifting cities in America! Help elect me to be your next Mayor of Minneapolis – so that I can take us to our next stop on this rock tour I call “Riding the Glo-Bus.”

Get on the “Glo-Bus” we are going back to all the great places you forgot. The “Glo-Bus” is going to be an amazing tour featuring some dazzling new songs but also some past favorites. I need your enthusiasm and energy to get our City of Lakes back on top. Currently we are just a tour bus covered with a ton of mud and nasty gnats and bugs on the windshield. Let’s take time to take our bus to the industrial carwash and clean it up and wash it and glow wax it and we can become the “Glo-Bus”.

As the front man to the Glo-Bus let me tell you how I am different:

• I am a marketing expert and businessperson. I will bring Minneapolis back into the spotlight with a marketing focused approach. Time to market the beauty of this City and its crazy smart people who call it home.

• I have a plan to bring community members and cops together on the Glo-Bus. It is simple but innovative and it is a plan that will work.

• Let’s put my unique background as a business entrepreneur focused on ground up projects to work for the City. I have a plan to bring America’s most forward – thinking companies into Minneapolis based on the strength of our intellectual capital and the hard
work ethic of everyone in our phenomenal City.

• I have a very exciting business plan to get South Minneapolis the funding it needs to make it into a nerve center for culture and the arts and a national thought hub on all conversations race related.

• I have a plan to make Minneapolis a national leader on bringing people together. Minneapolis is a city that will learn from its past and I can push our City to a much more interesting, bright and safe future.

If you want something different jump on and join us on the Glo-Bus . . . we are going to some amazing places. First stop is an amazing place we call Minneapolis.

Let’s start loving Minneapolis again. Enough with the doom and gloom. If you want a guy with a plan . . . than I have plenty of concrete plans for you and our City. Let’s do this Minneapolis!

– Mark