Ballot Question #1: Government Restructure – Voting YES.

Minneapolis needs a strong Mayor and the government restructure will not solve that problem. However the format of an executive Mayor and a legislative City Council is most effective as it mirrors what we have at both the state and federal levels of government. It will help to streamline our Minneapolis city government so that it can get more done on behalf of the residents of Minneapolis.

Ballot Question #2: New Department of Public Safety – Voting NO.

I understand where all sides are coming from on this debate and I think we all want a city that is safe and a police department that is accountable. However we need to first get crime back under control in the City of Minneapolis and the best way to do this is by immediately returning the Minneapolis Police Department back to full strength. We need a lot more accountability from the police department and a bottom to top reorganization of the department. My goal is to create one of the best police training academies in the country and to fill it with a new breed of smart compassionate officers. We can in addition add additional teams of psychologists and social workers to work hand in hand with the police. In the Minneapolis Police Department the training needs to be continual and ongoing.

Ballot Question #3: Rent Control – Voting NO.

Many cities have experienced unfortunate outcomes associated with Rent Control. We need to encourage more housing development (not less) and Rent Control has consistently created disincentives for additional housing to be built and for landlord’s to properly maintain their properties. We can instead create more housing by using market incentives like guaranteeing rent for more people in Minneapolis who have negative credit histories. Also we should consider widening the program of cutting taxes for certain apartment buildings – so that those savings are fully passed through to the renters in the building in the form of lower rent. I have made a career of creating quality housing and I know what it takes to get more housing built on schedule and under budget. Rent Control sounds good as a concept until you truly look at all the negative effects it can have on renters and properties. I will do my best to create an environment at City Hall where city staff and developers are working hand in hand to create the affordable housing that Minneapolis needs.