The Park Board needs to be changed from an elected body to an appointed board. This is to help guarantee that it’s Board Members have some particular expertise in parks, landscape design and architecture and not simply a political agenda. The Minneapolis Park Board was once a great team of civic minded individuals and it was one of the driving reasons that Minneapolis has such a world-class system park system.  As I look across our current park system – I find a great deal to be desired. I have found that over time it appears that the Park Board Commissioners are more interested in scoring political points than in beautifying our parks and trails system.  If the decision doesn’t involve the repair or maintenance or expansion of something park, lake, athletic field or trail related . . . the Park Board should not be getting involved. We must also question what is the current expertise of the people sitting on the Park Board? We need people who are experts in botany, black top, road surfaces, irrigation systems, drainage, architecture and landscape architecture.  We don’t need people who are there purely to hold a political office.  That is why I am asking that a change be made to the Minneapolis Charter allowing the Mayor to appoint experts in the field to the Park Board to help oversee this highly important institution that is integral to a vibrant and beautiful Minneapolis.