I am a candidate that understands jobs.  The entire restaurant and hotel and convention business has been decimated in the City of Minneapolis. Recent reports show that Minneapolis is the weakest hotel market in the entire United States. The City needs a Chief Executive who clearly understands that the current business environment in this City needs to be revived in a big bold way.

Now more than ever the City of Minneapolis needs to reposition itself and market itself after the two (2) major body blows of Covid-19 and the George Floyd killing. I am a person with a marketing driven mentality that can make certain that Minneapolis is getting more than its fair share of business deals and job creating transactions and opportunities. We need to make sure that jobs aren’t going to Milwaukee and Des Moines and Fargo and Chicago and Kansas City.  We need an individual who isn’t afraid to sell our City.  Because frankly Minneapolis needs the orders and Minneapolis needs to reposition itself and the perception of the City in the national media and to business and leisure travelers in a smart, innovative, memorable and lasting way. Minneapolis needs to come out of the blocks fast and strong on the marketing front or we will never regain our position as one of America’s most leading and progressive Cities.