Something seems to be going very wrong with a City posture and policy that is comfortable with eliminating street parking for cars and in its place installing concrete and curbline.  This new policy is devastating to local businesses and it is destructive to neighborhoods where people have absolutely nowhere to park. Every parking spot that is eliminated in this City makes life measurably harder for residents who need parking for their vehicles and for people who must travel to the City for business or personal reasons.  This new movement is a wholly misguided policy driven by people who must have their own personal drivers or personal assistants and who are never forced to find a spot on the street to park.  A city that has no parking is a very tough place to live. A city that has no parking is an extremely challenging place to do business. The leadership in the City must be engaged every day working hard to make life easier for the residents of the City – not thinking up new policies that make life more frustrating, difficult and challenging. In my opinion it is time for more common sense at City Hall.