I am a bridge builder with plans and solutions to solve the problems that face Minneapolis. EVERYONE else in the race is just a politician. I am a business builder . . . I am a bridge builder . . . and I am real. My candidacy for Minneapolis is real. My candidacy for Minneapolis Mayor is viable. I am the first choice for Mayor for many and I am the CONSENSUS 2nd or 3rd pick on the ballot for the majority of other voters. Why hold your nose and vote for the current Mayor? He wants a “Mulligan” . . . basically a “do over” for his entire first four years? He is a nice guy and a good communicator but really? He is the Captain of the ship that ran aground on the shoals. Captain’s are relieved of their duty when they damage the ship . . . they are not reelected and promoted to Admiral.

I am a known force for positive good in Minneapolis. I am a downtown resident who has lived near the Basilica/Loring Park for twenty-one (21) years. I have an operating business within the Minneapolis Downtown. I grew up in Minneapolis. I am the type of Captain who can steer the good ship Minneapolis on a much more healthy, dynamic and progressive course.

If you want a Mayor (Captain) who can steer our City to safer waters than I am your candidate.

So how am I different from all the other POLITICIANS in the race for Minneapolis Mayor:

  • I am the only candidate who actually builds and manages businesses.
  • I am the only candidate who cares enough about seniors to build a leading senior living community.
  • I am the only candidate who built and operates a top-ranked hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
  • I am the only candidate who is an authority on downtown office space and buildings. My expertise will help downtown to reopen effectively.
  • I am also an attorney and I believe that City Hall must start negotiating aggressively on behalf of the City in contrast to folding when the political winds blow.
  • I know how to bring all parties to the table. Community interests and business interests together.
  • I am the one candidate who approaches the job from a SOLUTIONS based approach. Tangible solutions to move our City forward. Not more political rhetoric.
  • I have a tangible plan to bring the community and the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) together. Together to the table to start talking. So that the community and the MPD can start fighting crime together.

Take a close look at my campaign logo. It is the outline of a bridge. It is the outline of the Lowry Avenue Bridge that spans the Mississippi River. I could have chosen any logo. However I chose this logo because I am a bridge builder. I can span the divides to bring all the parties to the table. Our once great progressive city needs to heal. I have the background and track record to reframe the dialogue with a fresh start. A vital reset. I will revive Minneapolis. I will stake my reputation on it.

It’s time to jump on the “Glo-Bus” it is going to move Minneapolis forward!