Attorney, business leader says “Frey needs to be benched.”

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Minneapolis attorney and business leader Mark Globus announced his candidacy today for Minneapolis Mayor with the uncharacteristically blunt and short statement “Jacob Frey needs to be benched.”

“Extraordinarily challenging times for the City of Minneapolis call for candid statements and frank talk,” Globus said. “I am running for Mayor of Minneapolis because our City needs a reboot, a clean slate and a new perspective for getting things done.  Going back to the old ways of doing things will not save our City – it’s time to move forward.  I grew up a Democratic–Farmer-Labor (DFL) Democrat and Democratic principles drive my core beliefs every day.”

Globus’ background as an attorney and a local businessperson and as a concerned downtown Minneapolis stakeholder make him a unique candidate – to get the city back on track.  He is best known for developing the Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown and Global Pointe Senior Living and is the President and Managing Director of Global One Commercial, a commercial real estate development and brokerage company.

“It’s time we get back to basics,” Globus said. “It’s time we focus on getting things done for the people – I’ll work on issues like keeping our streets safe and plowed, keeping our Police Department on task and getting more affordable housing built.  These are the foundations that make it possible for a city to thrive.”

We need to rebuild the Minneapolis Police Department from top to bottom.  As Mayor, Globus will review everything, from how 911 Dispatchers handle calls to the police, to what kind of handcuffs law enforcement uses to the types of weapons they carry on the beat.

Finally, Globus’ back to basic approach extends to tackling the underfunded mental health treatment infrastructure, the fiscal health of the city, and reforming and depoliticizing the Minneapolis Park Board.

“The City is now at the most critical moment in its history as it attempts to get back on its feet and reopen its doors.  Minneapolis needs a clean slate.  A fresh start.  A vital restart,” Globus said. “We need to bring down the political temperature in this City and Jacob Frey is simply incapable of this goal.  That is why I am running for Mayor of Minneapolis.”