The most important question any Minneapolis voter has to ask on Election Day is whether the City of Minneapolis is on the right track?  Has our city done well under our current Mayor?  Is our city better off now than it was four (4) years ago when our current Mayor took office?  Does our city feel safe and under control?  If you have answered “no” to any of these questions you need to ask if reelecting Jacob Frey really the right decision for our city?  It’s not like our current Mayor wasn’t in charge of the Minneapolis Police Department during the murder of George Floyd or during the uprisings that followed.   A week that caused property damage in excess of $500 million dollars.  In the eighteen (18) following these tragic events does it seem like Minneapolis has healed or that a new course has been charted for our city?  In my opinion we are not doing a good job of addressing the problems our city faces.

The reason I entered the Mayor’s race is because I believe our city is on the wrong path.  Our city needs safe streets and grounded leadership.  We need to fully fund the Minneapolis Police Department and at the same time create new levels of accountability.  The Minneapolis Police Department needs to change with the times and start hiring a different kind of officer who is more grounded in education and compassion.  It will be my goal to create a top ranked police training academy with a focus on continuous training for all officers in the field.  I bring to the role of Mayor a career in business and law.  I have built housing and know how to stay on budget.  Creating additional affordable housing is also a top priority.  In addition the city is going to need wise financial counsel over the next four (4) years and I can fill that role.  Our city needs a fresh start and someone who can rebuild trust.  My professional background managing projects and people makes me a natural to fill the role as Mayor.

People in our city are very concerned about our city’s future.  The main thing we must do at City Hall is to get all sides sitting down with each other in a true dialogue.  I promise to build the bridges and open the conversations that must happen in our community.  Especially a dialogue between police and the residents they serve.  Our city can do better and we must not fear making the changes at the top of city government that must occur.  I plan to be a Mayor that is common sense and solutions oriented.  Please take a few minutes to get to know me.  I am a moderate consensus builder who will set a more successful agenda for Minneapolis.  We still have time to elect a new Mayor in this city election.  It’s time to jump on the “Glo-Bus” it is going to move Minneapolis forward!

– Mark