“Dr. No” the first James Bond blockbuster began a new era in film. Frankly as Minneapolis’ next Mayor – I plan to use that authentic word “No” on a daily basis on the job as a true working Mayor of Minneapolis. For those of us who live in the City of Minneapolis it has become clear that current Mayor Jacob has a very tough time uttering the most important word it takes to effectively govern a large American city – which is the word “No.”

For too long I have heard from others in the community – that it feels like every single potential voter is so vital to the current Mayor that he simply can’t tell anyone “No.” I scratch my head and wonder is it because the Mayor is currently counting the votes for his NEXT political office that he will step into after his stint as Mayor? Alternatively is it that he is afraid that the participants in his regular political focus groups will give him a high negative rating – which could hurt his future prospects at the state or national political level?

Why can’t the Mayor say “No?” Why can’t the Mayor take the tough stands on issues like 38th Street and Chicago to get our city streets back opened up? He needs to govern this City. He needs to govern this City so it works. Instead he governs in a way so that his policies never offend one potential voter. Running a city isn’t like running a focus group. Being a Mayor is not about being the most popular guy in your law school class. A Mayor needs to make decisions. A Mayor needs to lead. Some voter toes may (at times) get stepped on. However being an effective leader is not about having every single voter love you. It is about clearing a path forward to refocus our City for future success.

As Mayor I will not make one hundred percent (100%) of the people happy all the time. There will be mostly winners when I run our City but there will be some losers. One thing is you will know where I stand. I will provide logic and facts behind my decision making. You will know why I made my decision. Not every single voter is going to be happy but we are going to move this City forward.

Our City of Minneapolis is not just stagnant. The City is tumbling out of control on a dangerous trajectory like a poorly designed Soviet satellite in space. Thursday Morning (July 1st) – I woke up to the news of a murder in my own Loring Park neighborhood. A murder maybe two blocks from my home. News flash. I am not going to let this senseless murder effect my daily life. I am not going to let it get within my unconscious brain and create fear. I am not going to change the way I lead my life or conduct my affairs in my neighborhood. However, I am going to use this senseless murder in Loring Park and the additional murder that occurred 6.5 hours before that – on North Knox and Plymouth Avenue North in North Minneapolis to drive home a message that we are no longer going to let this stand.

We need to reform our police – not defund them. To get that done, we need a Mayor who can say NO to people – including some of the other candidates in this race – who want to cut the police 50%, 75% or even eliminate them altogether.

If you agree, I hope you join my team. Get on the “Glo-Bus” it’s going to move Minneapolis forward!

– Mark