The current Mayor of Minneapolis has ZERO sense of urgency in bringing back public confidence in the City of Minneapolis. There is still a high percentage of the public in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that NO LONGER feel safe in downtown Minneapolis.

The Mayor is doing nothing to bring back public confidence in the City of Minneapolis. Why not? Is he simply just a weak leader? Does he have no imagination? Is he too busy trying to make every single interest group in our City happy? Why is the Mayor constantly managing “HIS BRAND?” Why can’t he reposition and pivot our City for a brighter and more successful future? Why should we re-elect him for another four (4) years if he is going to continue to damage our City even further?

In stark contrast to the current Mayor there is a viable common sense DFL Democrat in the race for Minneapolis Mayor. That candidate is me. Let me explain to you the contrast in leadership I offer the voters this November 2nd. The following is why you should join others and cast your first vote or second ballot choice for me as the next Minneapolis Mayor.

• A high percentage of people are no longer coming into Minneapolis to work or for entertainment in its current state. I offer a vital contrast to the Mayor in that I am an expert in commercial real estate and office space. This is a highly relevant background, especially as downtown struggles to reopen, redefine and reposition itself.

• The Mayor has a toxic relationship with the Minneapolis City Council and many other departments at City Hall. In contrast I can be a common sense back to business presence at City Hall – I can offer a fresh start. A vital reset. I am a bridge builder who knows how to bring disparate parties together to move our City forward. I will create the common ground our City Council and Mayor’s Office need to solve the problems that face Minneapolis.

• The Mayor has a poisoned relationship with the rank and file Minneapolis police officers on the beat. He is a flip-flopper on Public Safety. He voted to cut the City Budget for the Minneapolis Police Department when it mattered most. He has readjusted his position once again because that is the way his political windsock is blowing today. In contrast I have been a strong advocate of Public Safety anchored by a Minneapolis Police Department that is ACCOUNTABLE to the public.

• The Mayor has not moved our City forward since the murder of George Floyd. He has not moved our City forward after the uprisings. In comparison, I am a marketing focused business builder who has the expertise to pivot our City towards a more successful future. I have big bold ideas. I am the cheerleader our City needs to bring back public confidence to our downtown.

• The Mayor is a nice guy. However he is not a wartime Mayor. Our City is still under siege and under great stress. The Public Safety problems that plague Minneapolis have not been solved by a long shot. In contrast, I am a tough negotiator and a very hands on executive. I will get the job done with a smile but with the requisite toughness and firmness the Mayor has never possessed.

• The Mayor has helped destroy our City’s finances and budget. He has no concept of financial reality and of how to make the hard choices that must be made to save our city from financial ruin. His budgets have not been readjusted to reflect the significantly reduced revenues the City now faces. In contrast, I am the one candidate with both a business and legal background that understands financial budgets. Hard decisions need to be made and the Mayor is weak when it comes to the City’s finances.

• The Mayor has never led with a vision. Instead he reacts to each situation as it crops up. He tends to be ten steps behind in reacting to almost every situation the City faces. In comparison, I approach the job from a solutions based approach. Tangible real world business solutions to move our City forward. Not more political rhetoric.

I offer a different style of hands on leadership that the City needs right now to revive itself and heal. Frankly, if you think Minneapolis is in good shape and on the right track than vote for the current Mayor. However, if you have concerns about our City and its current trajectory – than I ask you to vote for me. I offer a new solutions based approach to charting a better course for the City of Minneapolis. I know together we can save this City. We can revive our City.

I have the background and reputation and track record to reframe the dialogue with a fresh start.

It’s time to jump on the “Glo-Bus” it is going to move Minneapolis forward!

– Mark