This City needs a fresh start.
We must rebuild trust.
We must revive our City.

I am running for Mayor because the City of Minneapolis needs a fresh start.
A clean slate. A vital reset. A new way of conducting the business of the City.

Going back to the old ways of doing things under Mayor Jacob Frey will not save our City – it is time to move forward. I grew up a Democrat. A DFL Democrat. Democratic principles and values drive my core beliefs every day.

It’s time we get back to the basics.  We need to put the business of the City front and center.  Less politics . . . more results. I care about people – so I will focus on issues like keeping our streets safe and plowed, reform our police department, address structural racism and get more affordable housing built for those most in need. These are the foundations that make it possible for a city to thrive.

We must rebuild the trust between elected officials and the people they serve. We need to bring down the political temperature in this City and the current Mayor is simply incapable of this goal. The City is now at the most critical moment in its history as it attempts to get back on its feet and reopen its doors. The City needs a reboot and a new perspective for getting things done. I am a businessperson who cares about people and their struggles. I care about their successes in Minneapolis. I can be an innovative and entrepreneurial presence and that is exactly how I have tackled my business endeavors.  The first vital step is a committed philosophy towards including all stakeholders at the table and a focus back on the business of the City. I have the capacity and business experience to reframe the issues and bring the Mayor’s Office and the City Council together to move our City forward.